Monday, October 13, 2014

Summer BBQ!

Welcome to Jodi's Summer BBQ!

 Great salads are perfect for a summer day.

 Fixin's for the burgers I assume?

 Since Summer was a busy time for us, Jodi brought in a few replacements!
Sorry, we all couldn't be there and hopefully we will get to see Jodi's new kitchen soon.

Stay tuned for the Southern Cooking Post!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spring and Seafood Party!

Judi is really happy to welcome you to our Spring/Seafood night.

Holy Crap - Look at all those wine glasses!  
Judi would like us to take note of all her new glassware.

Holy Smokin' Hot Mama!  

Smokin' Hot Mama's pineapple dip w/bagel chips and strawberries.  Mmmm

And her seafood appetizers!

Let's get this party started.

Susan's avocado shrimp salad. WOW. The lemons were a nice touch!

Our beautiful Betty......

and her strawberry almond cream tart.  As good as it looks.

Boob contest - FYI

Robin's shrimp appetizer.

and all the fixin's to make awesome tacos!    Too much food.  Unfortunately, we just couldn't do it all. Thanks though, Robin.

My coconut lemon bars w/marshmellow frosting.

Judi's famous eggrolls.  I know they have a name.

Judi's yummy good soup. I know it has a name other than yummy good soup.

Until next time - Buon Appetitio from the gang!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

April Fools - anything goes!

                                                                       Hello Ladies!
      Welcome to our April Fools Cooking Club. Vicki was our lovely hostess for the evening.
                                        No theme needed.  Make anything your little heart desires.

Vicki and Carissa had festive Easter decor along with the cutest eggs we have ever seen.
Vicki created these cute little chicks.

She also made herbed chick skewers

Betty made yummy cupcakes with fluffy frosting....or are they.....

A moment of silence in memory of Jodi's  funeral potatoes.

What is cooking club without the bar?

Teresa's toasted pound cake with a frosting filling disguised as grilled cheese sammies.

My carrot cake....or is it.......

Our new cooking club member.

Now that is one thick ponytail.  So jealous.

Carissa's cute little chicks!

Egg down!

Linda's atomic buffalo turds.  Amazing.
Judi - Linda was sad you weren't here.  She thought you would love these.

Susan's gingerbread men, dog bones and a bonus turd.

And here are our cute faces.

              Good food and fun was had by all. You can tell by our pearly white smiles.

                     See everyone on Sunday the 18th at Judi's for our seafood/spring theme!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oscars Party!

Welcome beautiful red carpet ladies to our annual night at the Oscars!

Our theme for our dishes was presentation! We all made for a good presentation too in our lovely attire!

Stop fondling the Oscar ladies.

Linda's chili cheese puffs.

Probably the best biscotti I've ever eaten. Ask Chris where to get them.

Vicki's better than good s'more shooters with a graham cracker rimmer.  Delish.

And the Oscar goes to Linda for most beautiful hostess.

Linda's pink lemonade champagne punch.  We drained the bowl.  Of course.

Linda had sparkly swag bags of candies for us!

Seriously, what is a party without a cheese ball?


And the winner for "best dish presentation" goes to..........Chris.....or rather her tequila shrimp!
Chris accepted her gift with over the top enthusiasm!

And here is the winning dish!

And best dress goes to......... Linda, but she wouldn't accept as she didn't want to win her own gift.
So, next best dress goes to.......... Linda's dress - that I am wearing.

  Thanks Linda!

Betty's Canadian bacon cauliflower cheddar cups by candle light!

Hello lovely ladies!

And now a small preview of the  LRL Originals hat collection.

  Shauna's sexy bottle of wine.
Yes, it was sweet and juicy.

Susan's onion mushroom gorgonzola tart.

Our very pretty little Oscar attendees

Best lips on an Oscar

Best stash

Jodi's smoked salmon platter!  

Linda's spinach dip!

Thank you Linda for hosting such a fun Oscar's Party!!