Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pizza and Beer Night!

Welcome to our Pizza and Beer night!  Betty was our hostess.  She made this fabulous pizza margarita on her smoker.

Jodi's pizza deluxe.

Jill made a nice salad and garlic bread!

Vicki created this seafood delight pizza!

I made a philly cheese steak pizza

Linda made an organic veggie pizza!

What would pizza and beer be without wings?  Thanks Judi!

We shall call these mexi pizza minis, courtesy of Nan.

Uh-Oh, the crazyness has begun!

Robin's yummy dessert pizza!

"I've got the rest of this - no problemo"
It's what friends are for.

The best friendships are built on a solid foundation of alcohol and laughter.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Noodle/Sauce Month!

 Hello Ladies!
I think I can say a nice evening of noodle dining was had by all.
 Thank you for hosting T!!
Hey, your shirt matches your lemonade!

 I made Pad Thai.

 Linda's salad is perfect to make on a hot day or take to any BBQ!

This cheese was awesome.  Brie like texture.  The name was unusual, so I forgot, but Teresa said you can find it at Smith's.  

Here's to a night of great food and great friends! Cheers!
Now let the eating begin.
I didn't realize my arm was that hairy. I must be part monkey.

 Vicki made a dessert pasta - Sweet Ricotta and Fusilli w/cinnamon.  Delish.

Teresa made an oh so good Creamy Tomato Sauce with a fun to eat pasta.

Jodi's awesome Beef Stroganoff w/sour cream.

Betty's festive Mexican Noodle Dish w/Jodi's sour cream.  Ole!

Cooking Club makes me happy! - So does the wine!

Now that's what you call a center piece!

A few sweet treats to take to sweet AvaLin.

Until next month......remember you are all loved.

Monday, March 23, 2015


It's Italian night and wine tasting!  Yahoo!!!  
Come on in, grab a glass of wine, lose your inhibitions and have a fabulous evening.

And the fun begins!

 And to those of you who remembered to bring your recipes - thank you!

This is how everyone looked to me after Linda's limoncello shots.
A little fuzzy if you know what I mean.

Teresa's spinach and tomatoe fusilli pesto!

Betty and Jodi's lemon mousse!

Robin's caprese salad!

Chris' chicken parmesan.  A favorite

Champagne punch

I made Summer's pesto procuitto bruschetta.

Judi's gnocchi! They turned out perfect  Judi!

Vicki's blueberry and mascarpone turnovers.  So good.

 Jodi's fettuccini carbonara!

Linda's authentic spaghetti marinara from Naples.

Bun shots

The only sober ones.

Your secrets are safe with us ladies.

We will see you all this Sunday for more fun, food, drinks and shenanigans at Teresa's for Noodle/Sauce Month!

Until we meet again,