Monday, March 23, 2015


It's Italian night and wine tasting!  Yahoo!!!  
Come on in, grab a glass of wine, lose your inhibitions and have a fabulous evening.

And the fun begins!

 And to those of you who remembered to bring your recipes - thank you!

This is how everyone looked to me after Linda's limoncello shots.
A little fuzzy if you know what I mean.

Teresa's spinach and tomatoe fusilli pesto!

Betty and Jodi's lemon mousse!

Robin's caprese salad!

Chris' chicken parmesan.  A favorite

Champagne punch

I made Summer's pesto procuitto bruschetta.

Judi's gnocchi! They turned out perfect  Judi!

Vicki's blueberry and mascarpone turnovers.  So good.

 Jodi's fettuccini carbonara!

Linda's authentic spaghetti marinara from Naples.

Bun shots

The only sober ones.

Your secrets are safe with us ladies.

We will see you all this Sunday for more fun, food, drinks and shenanigans at Teresa's for Noodle/Sauce Month!

Until we meet again,


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 Welcome to our Oscars Party!
And the Oscar goes to.....Robin - for beautiful hostess!

Red carpet ladies....pearls, sparkles and boas

 Teresa's "The Audiance". Absolutley loved it!  The red carpet cracks me up.  Everything so cute!

The Glamorous Bun!

 My blackberry jam donuts inspired from Gone Girl.

 Linda's Big Hero Six Buffalo Wings

 Teresa #2 and Betty brought this delicious Green Papaya Salad.

 Linda's Pecan Pie inspired from Selma.

 Vicki's  Black Bean Salad from Into the Woods.

Robin's smoked salmon.

Susan's Hawaiian Stacks from The Decendants.

And Garam Masala Popcorn for Ghandi.

Pom juice mimosas!

Jodi's Oscar winning Potato Quiches.

Chris'  Cool-As-A-Cucumber Shrimp Sandwiches from The Imitation Game.  Sorry I didn't get  a pic with one done up.

2 sexy ladies dressed to party.

Champ, the red carpet dog and our little cutie, Ava.

We feel the love.
Sometimes a little too much.

Note the picture on the TV behind us.

It'll do it to you every time.

Best foreign girl.

When under the mistletoe.....

I hope you ladies didn't miss out on this mistletoe opportunity!

It was a great party with great ladies!! See you all next month for The Frugal Gourmet Night!